Once there was a time...

...that almost everyone owned a harmonica. At various events, a party, a funeral, or social gathering, often someone started playing a tune on this (little) instrument. Even soldiers at the battlefront carried one to encourage themselves and others. It seems that many lives have been saved, as the harmonica was often carried in the chest pocket of their uniform and caught a bullet.

Originally meant as an instrument for everyone, of every age, it has been built in such a way that it is easy to learn your first song. Nowadays, more than 200 years after the development of the harmonica as we know it per today, still new techniques are discovered to play tones that are in basis not available on the harmonica. Of course this needs practice, and due to this the little instrument is one of the most versatile instruments that we know: in 5 minutes you can play your first song and if you enjoy it, you can play and practice a lifetime and discover new techniques and challenges. You probably need more than one lifetime to master them all!

Also, the instrument will fit anyone's budget.

Like a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower, René, Rianne and Viola play a colorful repertoire using chromatic harmonica, blues harmonica, bass and chords harmonica's and performing a dazzling mix of diverse music genres like folk, classical music, pop, blues and jazz.